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Deciphering a Chinese Food Magazine

Most foodies I know include trips to supermarkets, markets and food stores into their itineraries when travelling overseas. I also make it a habit to buy cookbooks and food magazines even if I don’t understand the language.  I wanted to find a magazine to compare to some of the magazines one would find in Spain, […] Read More


Tips for Eating Chinese Hot Pot

I can’t get help it, but I am hooked on Chinese hot pot or Huo Guo.  My favorite place in Dalian is Huang Cheng Lao Ma on Gangwan Square, where you get a hot pot fueled by gas and sunk into the table.  It is split in two chambers one for Szechuanese broth and one […] Read More

Smoked Tofu with Celery and Peanuts

Cooking healthy Chinese food at home is easy and if you are in China then it’s painless.  No running to Chinatown or finding an Asian store in your hometown. We all miss the foods and customs of our country but given the kitchen restrictions you might find here having a couple of delicious Chinese recipes […] Read More

Lotus flour "chips"

Chinese Mobile Snack Maker

Street food in China never ceases to amaze me.  The incessant change of vendors that cook and sell different things depending on the time of day is truly unique. Americans are fairly proud of their food trucks, but from seeing them up close at National Restaurant Association Fair a couple of years ago the logistics […] Read More