Chengdu Fine dining


The fact that you can get a last minute reservation at Yu Zhi Lan must be one of the abnormalities of the fine dining world. But then in China things don’t work as Westerners expect, and food and restaurants are no different. We were in Chengdu on holiday to experience tea culture, Sichuanese food and […] Read More

Spanish Tapas in China


I set myself the challenge to recreate a tapas meal using only Chinese ingredients except for a tin of anchovy filled olives and chocolate and shopping at only one supermarket, Carrefour. I had just cooked a dinner for charity at the Shangri La Presidential suite and I wanted something simple that did not involve ordering […] Read More

Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi

Vietnamese food is light, crisp and colorful. It is unique but has a strong Chinese influence and tropical, Indian and French touches. Think of rice paper rolls, fish sauce, savory caramel sauce, Vietnamese coffee, raw herbs, and charcuterie. Universally known dishes are pho, a chicken or beef soup with rice noodles, lime and herbs and […] Read More

Dinner for Charity Auction at the Shangri La

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Last December I donated a Spanish cooking class or dinner to the Winter Charity Gala auction organized by the American Chamber of Commerce- Northeast China Chapter, the Shangri-La in Dalian and the International Club of Dalian. My dinner was bundled with a two night stay in the presidential suite. The night of the auction two good friends […] Read More

Thriving in a Chinese Kitchen (March 2015)


When Chinese food fatigue kicks in, I strongly urge you to seek the thrills of Korean food. From the indescribable kimchi to the playful banchan (tapas-like side dishes) and meat barbecue, it won’t leave you indifferent. China’s neighbor has a wonderfully distinct food that is still fairly new and unknown in Western mainstream circles especially […] Read More

Thriving in a Chinese Kitchen (Jan 2015)


Now that you have the right cookbooks and the right utensils to cook Chinese food let’s examine what ingredients you should stock up on if you are novice. Finding bottled or canned ingredients can be a struggle especially if you can’t read Chinese characters so that is why I am concentrating on these. Don’t be […] Read More

Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp and Grits

The Southeast of the United States is a land of culinary wonders. For a foodie with an interest in culture and heritage there is no better place than Charleston in South Carolina. Charleston an architectural gem is the type of place where everybody is a gentleman and a lady and where oyster roasts (a barbeque […] Read More

Lost in Longjing (Part II)


Time flies, it’s been 6 months since I posted Part I; there we looked at harvesting and processing Green Tea, now, in Part II we’ll wrap up with brewing, drinking and selling… Brewing As we know, the flavors of green tea, whilst fresh and bright in small quantities, if left to brew too long will become unpleasant, bitter […] Read More

Fideos Zhajiang

Fideos Zhajiang

A veces los platos que definen la vida cotidiana de un país son desconocidos para los extranjeros. Esto suele pasar en el caso de China, un país enorme con distintas geografías, climas y grupos étnicos. Y tampoco tiene nada que ver la comida de los restaurantes de un cierto nivel con lo que come la […] Read More

Chinese Churros


All cultures claim complete uniqueness when it comes to the things they eat. Such is the feeling we Spanish people have about our beloved churros. So what a surprise to find morning churrerias that spring up early at dawn to provide a breakfast of churros to the Chinese! Granted Chinese eating churro or you tiao is vastly […] Read More