Wild Food Foraging in Wicklow

I can’t remember how it exactly happened, but one Saturday I found myself with Steve collecting wild plants with  Geraldine Kavanagh from Wicklow Wild Foods for his birthday. An Irish food ambassador if I ever met one, Geraldine is a professional forager working for Glendalough Distillery who runs foraging tours on the weekends. She is the grown-up […] Read More


Cervantes Classes Dublin

I am very excited about my upcoming classes for Instituto Cervantes here in Dublin. The Spanish Commercial Office will be collaborating with us so there will be unusual products and great regional wines. You can find the links below. The first one will focus on Spanish charcuterie. I will be using tv ads, economic trends […] Read More

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Extra virgin olive oil tasting

For anyone with a background in cooking, extra virgin olive oil is a fascinating topic. I have always lived my life close to the olive tree, since it was my Grandmother’s only income apart from her widower’s pension (she would sell her olives to an olive press), my mother’s sister and her husband ran an […] Read More

Blanca Valencia Tea Nibbles

Chinese Tea Pairing

These days in sophisticated circles tea pairings are all the rage, tea sommeliers are sought after and meticulously crafted tea list are appearing in glamorous New York and Paris restaurants and hotels. One would think tea is a new discovery and not a product that frankly has been around for thousands of years. This tea […] Read More


Chinese Greens

After a long holiday in Europe I have to admit that I never want to eat potatoes again (we eat way too much of them!) and that I the Chinese and Asians in general have us beat when it comes to vegetables, especially leafy greens. In China, these vegetables like choy sum, bok choy and spinach […] Read More


Moroccan Tagine

Morocco’s gastronomic jewels are easy to conjure up by merely walking into any spice shop or on occasion by perfumes with notes of orange blossom or rose water. Whereas some cultures gastronomies are more visual, and others rely strongly on taste, Morocco is all about the nose. Walk around Marrakesh with its hidden riads or […] Read More

Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

  What people eat tells you a great deal about a country and this is no exception in Great Britain where comfort food is king. You just have to look at a dish of cottage pie, a layer of seasoned minced beef covered with a crust of buttery potatoes and you can figure out a […] Read More

Healthy Japan

Healthy Japanese

Every so often you find that your cooking is in a rut and that you regurgitate the same recipes again and again. If you need a change of pace or are looking for healthier food alternatives I would, without a doubt, recommend Japanese food. There is no sense in me going on about its health […] Read More



Peru in South America is the homeland of genuine fusion food. Without any artifice, the country’s foods are a result of a history in which extensive Chinese, Japanese, native Indian, Italian and Spanish influence have given birth to one of the most original cuisines in the world. There are abundant Chinese restaurants called “chifa” from […] Read More


Chinese Dumplings and Aunties

Bar going to catering college, there is no better way to learn how to cook Chinese food than from an ayi, which literally translates as auntie, is a maid or a nanny. Chinese has an endearing array of terms to refer to people in a courteous manner. For example, if a little girl meets a […] Read More