Chengdu Fine dining

The fact that you can get a last minute reservation at Yu Zhi Lan must be one of the abnormalities of the fine dining world. But then in China things don’t work as Westerners expect, and food and restaurants are no different. We were in Chengdu on holiday to experience tea culture, Sichuanese food and […] Read More


Spanish Tapas in China

I set myself the challenge to recreate a tapas meal using only Chinese ingredients except for a tin of anchovy filled olives and chocolate and shopping at only one supermarket, Carrefour. I had just cooked a dinner for charity at the Shangri La Presidential suite and I wanted something simple that did not involve ordering […] Read More

Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi

Vietnamese food is light, crisp and colorful. It is unique but has a strong Chinese influence and tropical, Indian and French touches. Think of rice paper rolls, fish sauce, savory caramel sauce, Vietnamese coffee, raw herbs, and charcuterie. Universally known dishes are pho, a chicken or beef soup with rice noodles, lime and herbs and […] Read More