Lost in Longjing (Part II)

Time flies, it’s been 6 months since I posted Part I; there we looked at harvesting and processing Green Tea, now, in Part II we’ll wrap up with brewing, drinking and selling… Brewing As we know, the flavors of green tea, whilst fresh and bright in small quantities, if left to brew too long will become unpleasant, bitter […] Read More

Fideos Zhajiang

Fideos Zhajiang

A veces los platos que definen la vida cotidiana de un país son desconocidos para los extranjeros. Esto suele pasar en el caso de China, un país enorme con distintas geografías, climas y grupos étnicos. Y tampoco tiene nada que ver la comida de los restaurantes de un cierto nivel con lo que come la […] Read More


Chinese Churros

All cultures claim complete uniqueness when it comes to the things they eat. Such is the feeling we Spanish people have about our beloved churros. So what a surprise to find morning churrerias that spring up early at dawn to provide a breakfast of churros to the Chinese! Granted Chinese eating churro or you tiao is vastly […] Read More

Smoked Tofu

Thriving in a Chinese Kitchen (Nov 2014)

Cooking like the Chinese can be extremely rewarding, fast and easy on the pocket; even if only a couple of times a week! Armed with a cleaver, a chopping block and a wok you are ready to go. But where do you learn to cook Chinese food in Dalian? Unfortunately there are no schools or […] Read More

Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad

When travelling in France don’t just concentrate on the Michelin restaurants with their haute cuisine; get into the bistros and cafes with their traditional food and local clientele. The repertoire of French regional food is vast and can often be challenging to cook. It is not surprising that many chefs have left their Michelin starred […] Read More