Kung Fu Tea

My first introduction to tea was through the large pot that sat in the middle of our breakfast table for the first 20+ years of my life¹.  Like most westerners, my family added milk and sugar to this to mask the fairly strong flavor.  In my early 20’s, I next met “tea” in the US, […] Read More

Blanca Valencia

I miss Spanish food

Lately I fantasize about Spanish food: the extra virgin olive oils, the Iberico ham, the gazpachos, the fresh and sweet lettuces, the olives like Gordal and manzanilla, the canned fish. Thanks to Polyvore.com I was able to create this collage about my favorite Spanish items.  

Home Delicious Food

Deciphering a Chinese Food Magazine

Most foodies I know include trips to supermarkets, markets and food stores into their itineraries when travelling overseas. I also make it a habit to buy cookbooks and food magazines even if I don’t understand the language.  I wanted to find a magazine to compare to some of the magazines one would find in Spain, […] Read More